“Do-nou” is a Japanese word that means wrapping soil in a Ganny bags filled appropriately with either sand,farm soil,gravel or murram,the opening properly tied then compacted manually.

“Do-nou” bags are commonly used for raising embarkment to prevent floods and and Reinforcing building foundations.

Lola Engineering is one of the companies using the new technology that is “Do-nou” technology for maintenance of unpaved roads to improve the livelihood of rural communities and enhance there role in the maintenance of roads and other infrastructure as indicated in roads 200 strategic plan 2013-2017 in kenya,more so this time we are experiencing much rain in various parts of the country.

Other applications of “Do-nou” technology.

. Construction of dykes

. Construction of water pans

. Reinforcement of irrigation canal linings

.Construction of pathways in mushy or swampy areas


In any case you want to work with us contact through the email, let’s work together to improve infrastructure in various areas to easen movement of people and goods,Otherwise stay home be safe,

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